Effect Of Coronavirus On Smokers

One of the main reasons for the patients who are dying because of Coronavirus are they are aged patients and had symptoms of sepsis at the time of hospitalization. They had diseases such as high Blood Pressure and Diabetes. However, researchers find that the sample size may be limited due to the limited interpretation of their findings.

Who Are In Great Danger:

If you are already suffering from any disease it is not necessary that you will get infected with this Coronavirus sooner than others but if you are infected with this virus then the situation will be more serious.

It has been observed that older people and the one who are already suffering from respiratory disease such as Asthma, weak immune system, diabetes and heart disease has more chances to get infected with Coronavirus

Many people are recovering from the infection of Coronavirus after a few days of isolation period. In rare cases many people can be more serious and it can be life threatening also. Its symptoms are similar to the normal diseases such as a cold, cough, fever and difficulties in breathing.

Already If There Is Any Disease:

Poeples who had high blood pressure, respiratory problems or weak immunity power then they should take a serious precautions for themselves. Due to Coronavirus respiratory issues generate. This virus directly effects our throat, respiratory tract and lungs.

In that situation when people are having some problems before then it becomes very challenging to treat them. If the symptoms of flu are seen then a doctor should be consulted immediately.

If You Smoke:

Deborah Arnott the chief executive of public health charity Ash advises that those who smoke regular then now at the present situation you should quit smoking to reduce the risk of getting infected by Coronavirus. The one who smoke they have the high risk of having respiratory infections. If you quit your smoking habit then it will be helpful in many ways.until an unless the situation became worst you should get the Inspiration of quitting smoking for yourself and for your family.

Treatment of corona virus is based on the patient's breathing capacity of their body and also the body's immunity power so that the person's body is able to fight the virus itself then only your life will be abled to save.

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