What Is Asthma ?

Asthma is a kind of lungs disease that causes difficulty in breathing. If any person is suffering from asthma, then your respiratory tubes will swell and your respiratory trac shrinks. Due to the shrinking of the respiratory tract, the patient starts having problems in breathing, because of the problem while breathing, chest tightness, cough etc problems generate in your body. According to the symptoms there are two types of asthma External and Internal asthma. External Asthma causes with the external allergic things such as pollen, animals, dust in the atmosphere. Internal asthma causes with the inhaling of the certain chemical substances such as cigarette smoke, paint vapor, smoke etc. In this we are going to tell you some information.

Symptoms Of Asthma:

#1:Mucus Cough Or Dry Cough.
#2:Feeling Like Chest Tightness.
#3:Difficulty In Breathing.
#4:While Breathing Wheezing Sound Comes.
#5: The Situation Becomes More Severe At The Time of Day and Night.
#6:Condition Becomes Difficult While Breathing Cold Air.
#7:Your Health Condition Becomes worse during exercise.
#8:Breathing out loud Will Cause Fatigue.
#9: In Severe Condition Of Asthama Vomiting Chances Increases.

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Types Of Asthma:

#1: Allergic Asthma
#2: Non Allergic Asthma
#3: Mixed Asthma
#4: Exercise Induce Asthma
#5: Cough Variant Asthma
#6: Occupational Asthma
#7: Nocturne Means Nighttime Asthma
#8: Mimic Asthma
#9: Child Onset Asthma
#10: Adult Onset Asthma
#11: Major causes of Asthma

At present the biggest problem which causes asthma is pollution. Smoke coming from the factories, vehicles are causing Asthma. Cold, flu, smoking, change in weather they all are also the reason to increase the number of patients of asthma. In the market there are also some kinds of allergic foods present which causes some respiratory diseases. High amount of acid in the stomach can also cause asthma. Apart from these, the uses of medicines, alcohol and sometimes emotional stress also causes asthma. Sometimes the excessive amount of workout can also cause asthma. In some peoples there are seen that it causes by the genetic problem.

There are some allergic foods that cause respiratory diseases. A high amount of acid in the stomach can also cause asthma. Apart from this, the use of medicines, alcohol and sometimes emotional stress also cause asthma. Excessive exercise can also cause asthma. In some people, this problem is genetic.

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