How To Control Body Weight During Lockdown

I say follow three golden rules, one is to eat in portions (count calories), second is to excercise regularly, third is take one full body picture of yourself everyday.

Now The first rule can be followed if we are aware with the amount of calory we have in our plate every time we eat and can make good portions that we need for this, please go through the following URL, and see what is available in market or at your doorstep and how much you should eat.

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Coming on to the second one, the one which requires certain level of experience and coach, but I dare to ask you, "Ain't this an excuse to not get out of bed, lol."
Now people might be wondering what the fish!! How are we supposed to workout when we don't know the right postures, My dear I am gonna give you a few options and you must be aware with at least one of them, they are following:

#1.Floor workout from your gym sessions, simply increase the reps.

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#2. 30 mins Yoga from you tube, easy to follow, courtesy of Baba Ramdev Ji.

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#3. Random energetic Dancing for one hour, take rest and sips of water in between as much as you need.

#4. Zumba for 45mins.

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Now the third one is the most important of all, it puts you into self motivation mode, trust me you won't continue unless you are self motivated and I strongly believe that it can be created by being more and more aware about self, take it from someone who was literally pushed to the gym, lol!
And was turbed in to a more self aware, beautiful and healthy girl. Plus it's fun to see your own journey of going from a chubby one to your own best version of hotness and health in the photos.

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