Coronavirus Treatment

Nowdays all over the world there is only one topic and the topic is coronavirus, how much it is dangerous? , how can we save us from that?, and so on. But the fact is till now no one can say that this is the perfect treatment for this virus different persons are having different symptoms and every person who are infected with this virus has their own symptoms so with the help of that symptoms doctors are treating the pateints. Every country is fighting from this epidemic and the scientists are working on the experiments so that they can get the success to invent the vaccine for this coronavirus but till now no one has got the success in this. Everyday we listen that the numbers are increasing whether it could be the infected person or numbers of death day by day it is increasing. Every country is helpless with this epidemic every day a new experiment we listen that this trial is going on but after that the hope becomes worthless because they all are not the permanent treatment of this so every person should take the precautions recommended by the WHO. We can keep ourselves safe mantaining distance instead of touching others, stay at least 2ft away from the one person, instead of shaking hands you should join your hands when you meet someone. These are the only things which will pretect us by getting infected to this virus.

At present India is preferring Plasma Trtreatment and WHO is also recomending this treatment to save the lives of the people. In India plasma treatment is getting success and people is also getting well with this. In Delhi this experiment was done firstly with the 3-4 people's and the experiment was successful all of them are improving fast so this treatment can help the others for improving and it will give a new hope for the corona infected people and also for the corona warriors. Now doctors are asking for the permission to treat everyone for this plasma treatment

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