Fever: Top 10 Fever Medicines Brands, Composition And Popularity

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What IS Fever?:

When the temperature of the body increases from the normal temperature and person feels low and the continuous increase of the temperature is a serious symptoms. there are some fever Medicines list given below

Top 10 Fever Medicines Brands:

#1: Paracetamol

Brand Name: Acimol
Composition: Acetaminophen 500mg
Popularity Level: 8

#2: Paracetamol Syrup

Brand Name: Tylenol Syrup
Composition: Acetaminophen
Popularity Level: 8

#3: Children's Ibuprofen

Brand Name: Children's Motrin
Composition: Ibuprofen
Popularity Level: 6

#4: Advil Capsule

Brand Name: Advil
Composition: Ibuprofen
Popularity Level: 6.5

#5: Bayer's Chewable Baby Aspirin

Brand Name: Bayer low dose
Composition: Aspirin 81mg
Popularity Level: 8

#6: Aspirin For Adult

Brand Name: Certi Aspirin
Composition: Acetylsalicylic acid 325mg
Popularity Level: 7

#7: Voltaren

Brand Name: Voltaren Rapid relief
Composition: Diclofenac Sodium
Popularity Level: 7

#8: Dolo

Brand Name: Dolo 625
Composition: Paracetamol
Popularity Level: 5

#9: Benylin

Brand Name: Benylin All In One Syrup
Composition: Dextromethorphan Diphenhydramine, Levomenthol
Popularity Level: 8

#10: Panadol

Brand Name: Panadol Syrup
Composition: Acetaminophen
Popularity Level: 4

Important Point:

* You should not take any Medicines without doctor advice.
* All Data provide only health information about fever. you should not apply it on your body.
* Health Takers does not take any responsibility about health issue causes.
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