How To Maintain Beauty During Lockdown

Maintaining beauty during lockdown is a hardship true hustle, your eyebrows are growing, upperlips are growing, you can shave your arms and legs and public areas but what about your dear pretty face.

So let's ignore the mean memes on our facial hair growth and work on our selves just as we used to when we were teenagers and were not allowed to go to salon.

For that let's follow some homemade ubtan and cleansers and use our own hands for a quick every third day clean up for a healthy and smooth skin, use unboiled milk instead of cleansing milk, an ubtan of mustard and turmeric for scrub, malai instead of massage cream and face pack of Curd and flour at the end.

You can use plucker to remove extra hair from your eye brows and a small scissor to even the vertical growth, and get the compliment of looking cute for a change.

Do not feel bad about yourself if you aren't looking as neat as u used to look. It's time to recreate yourself just like the nature is healing itself, may be it's time for us to heal our skin and body by using its gifts and go back to our baby like skin.

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