Beauty Tips For Working Ladies In Summer

It often happens that the working ladies who are working in the office and taking care of their homes also then they do not have no time for themselves. In that situation, they neither able to take care of their health nor their beauty. Now the summer season has arrived and the skin needs special care.

If you are also a working women and you are also suffering from the lack of time to go to the parlor once a week or after 15 days, then you also can keep your skin better by at least adopting these small and simple tips.

These are the simple solutions, which will always make your skin look bright.

#1. Do not forget to clean your face before sleeping in specially in summer. You should take bath at night before sleeping because its a good habit in summer. This will not only remove the fatigue of the day but will also wash away many types of dirt present on the body.

#2. Try to use face wash only with basil or neem essence in this summer season. This will clear the dirt of your face and infection risk will also be reduced.

#3. After washing face with the face wash, wipe your face nicely with rose water. This will not only give freshness but also improve the blood circulation.

#4. It is best to use matte moisturizer in summer. Before going out of the house, apply sunscreen to protect you skin form tanning. If your skin is oily then use oil-free sunscreen which is also available in the market.

#5. During this, use facial scrub two to three times in a week because the use of facial scrub removes dead skin and makes the skin glow.

#6. In this season, the skin needs more nutrition so in this case use everyday massage cream with the vitamin qualities . Also, use face mask once or twice a week.

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