Lotus Herbal Clay White Black Clay Whitening Face Pack Review And Price

You can use Lotus Herbal Clay White Black Clay Whitening Face Pack to make your skin glowing and spotless.

You all have been heard lot about Black Clay. Black clay is very beneficial and good for your skin.

Black clay improves the color of the skin as well as makes it makes shiny and stain free. However, it is very necessary to refine the black clay before using or applying directly to your skin. This is not very easy. However, there are many different products in the market in which they use black clay in it. Lotus Herbal Clay White Black Clay Whitening Face Pack is also one of those products. This facepack is very beneficial for your skin. After applying this pack on your skin will become shiny and spotless.

#1: It contains many minerals.
#2: It also contains silica to bring brightness to the skin.
#3: It also has beerberry extract which makes the complexion light.
#4: It also contains a Liqueuris extract. It is also makes complextion light.


This tube comes in a Numa plastic body with different size which depends on the quantity of the product.


#1: It lightens the skin tone.
#2: Skin tanning is also removed.
#3: It gives fresh look to your skin and its clay-mint smell gives a very suthing feel.
#4: It is very easy to apply on your skin which spreads very smooth on your skin.
#5: According to its cost it is also good according to quality.
#6: It dry's very quickly.
#7: It can be applied to any skin tone and has no side effects.

You will find Lotus Herbal Clay White Black Clay Whitening Face Pack easily in the market, but if you want a good deal, you can buy it from the link given below at different cost.


There will be slight itching in your skin after applying this pack. Especially if your skin is very sensitive then you will feel like this. But it does not gives any negative effect on the skin.
If you are having oily skin then it will be very effective for you and if your skin is dry then it will be less effective.
After applying this pack your face turns gray.

If you are thinking on buying this pack then you can buy any of this 3 packets according to your convenience and your budget. And if you have forgotten and not clicked that link which we have given above then no issues you can check from this given link below.

60g- Rs171

120g- Rs345

350g- Rs544

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