Mental Health Awareness

We are trapped in our home, going through tough times like shortage of funds, work from home, hours and hours of endless screen work. Now, if you don't have a schedule you are going to feel absolutely monotonous.

Now to be clear feeling monotonous ain't anxiety or depression of any kind, you are simply bored you do not need an expert to help you, You simply need to make a new schedule for yourself.
But if you are simply anxious about unresolved issues about which you feel you can't talk to with anyone, if you feel you are not strong enough to face the issues you are going through and it has begun to disturb your appetite, sleep cycle, the amount of happy you used to feel when someone cracked a joke often, my dear, you need to be diagnosed.

Now in this lockdown how will you help yourself, answer is easy now, because you have to analyse that are you stressed or anxious or depressed or going through hypertension, here is a link which will help you out self Analysis for free,but for professional sessions you have to spend some more time and money, and the first step towards knowing your actual condition will begun.

Check Here

Remember thinking that you can't be a mental patient because you have went through alot already ain't right or enough to ignore your own well-being. You are strong but but you are allowed a few setbacks, you are only human, and you deserve extra care which only you have to provide to yourself sometimes, and include your partnu and your parents or your siblings in this fight against you and this big cloud of negative thoughts.

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