Cosmetics: Top 10 Makeup Tips For Hartalika Teej

In India the fast of Teej is done for the long life wishes of their husband. On this occasion married womens worship Lord Shiva and mother Parvati by keeping fast of twenty-four hours without eating and drinking water, Unmarried girls can also keep this fast with the desire of a good husband. So today we are going to tell you 10 special makeup tips so that you can look beautiful on Hartalika Teej.

#1: In this season of teej you should do waterproof and light make-upon your face, which will not only make your face look beautiful but also it will protect your makeup while getting wet.

#2: In this rainy season, do not apply liquid bindi’s on your face because liquid bindi’s will start flowing, which will make your face colorful. If you want to apply liquid bindi with different design, then you can apply waterproof liquid bindi’s, otherwise you use the stickers bindi which are easily available in the market because these bindi’s do not spread on your face.

#3: Use readymade sindoor which are available in the market instead of using dry sindoor because the market sindoor which are called stick sindoor will not flow when it get wet.

#4: As far as possible, do not use foundation and face powder until an unless it is necessary, if you are using a foundation then you should apply it with the help of wet sponge. This will make your makeup last longer.

#5: Use liquid type face cream instead of thick and creamy face cream.

#6: Start your makeup with primer. Apply primer equally on your entire face. This will make it easier for you to do facial makeup and the skin will glow as it appears.

#7: You can hide your facial spots while applying concealer on your face. Apply the concealer between your eyebrows and also under the eyes. By doing this your face will look flawless and it will look more beautiful after makeup.

#8: Makeup is not complete without kajals. If you want to use gel liner for this then you can also use your kajal pencil as a gel eyeliner. For this, cool the kajal pencil by placing it in front of the lighter for a few seconds. After that use it as a linear. The liner will look like exactly gel like eyeliner.

#9: Select the correct location to do your makeup. You Should choose the place where there is enough light, so that during the makeup you can get a good idea of ​​whether the makeup is getting right or not.

#10: Do you know every nail paint has the properties of removal. If you do not have a nail paint remover, then you can immediately wipe any other nail polish over the old nail paint while doing this you nail paint will remove the old nail paint.

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