Top 6 Face Wash Brands In India Review

Most of the people use facewash to keep their face clean. But at the same time, everyone are not having the same skin type and hence it is very necessary to choose a facewash according to your skin type. However, there are many types of facewash available in the market, due to which people get confused while deciding that which facewash will be good for them. Even then also sometimes they chooses the wrong facewash for themselves. Keeping this situation in mind, we will give some information about the best face wash. Along with these, information will also help you in choosing the best face wash and applying it correctly.

How To Choose The Best Face Wash:

There are some tips to choose the best face wash according to your skin.
* Always choose your facewash according to your type of skin. The person who are having dry skin problems choose facewash that can moisturize your skin well. Such as cream-based facewash will removes impurities from the skin as well as softens your skin. Keep in your mind that for dry skin you should always prefer that there should be a gentle substance containing natural oil and milk. Also, it does not contain chemical elements such as salicylic acid because it can turn your skin dry.

* Choose oil free facewash only for oily skin. You can choose a face wash containing aloe vera or T-tree oil in it, which does not allow the skin to become excessively dry. At the same time, those who have recurrent pimples may use salicylic acid-based cleanser and in addition to that gel-based facewash can also be used, which can help to keep your skin hydrate.

* People with sensitive or mixed skin can choose gentle facewash for themselves. Choose hypoallergenic (allergy prevention), paraben free facewash. Paraben is a type of a chemical which is used in cosmetics. If someone has an allergic problem, than they may suffer from skin reaction so they can choose these kind of face wash.

* If you are having allergic skin then you can choose turmeric and neem facewash with hypoallergenic and antiseptic properties.

* Try to choose as many as herbal facewash as possible for yourself.

* While choosing facewash you should take care of the contents in it. Avoid choosing more chemical-rich facewash.

* Do not option for intense face wash.

* Choose facewash which has exfoliator properties so that both the facewash and scrubbing are together and all the skin impurities can be removed easily from your skin.

* While buying facewash, please check its manufactured date and expiry date surely.

#1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash:

When it comes to cosmetics, Himalaya is one of the popular an brands. As neem is in its name, so it is clear that neem is the main ingredient in this face wash. It contains turmeric, which is known for its antiseptic properties. It is an herbal facewash, which can be helpful in keeping you skin healthy.
* Suitable for both men and women.
* Suitable for all types of skin.
* It contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
* Help to remove impurities from the skin and also cure pimples.
* Can improve skin tone.
* Improves skin elasticity.
* Hypoallergenic (allergic suppressant).
* Hydrates the skin.
* Does not dry the skin.
* It does not contain paraben.
* Is in the budget.
* there is not even one demerits in it.

#2. Pond's White Beauty Anti Pollution Charcoal Face Wash:

Ponds is an old and very much popular brand in the market. Different Pond's facewash are available in the market and one of them is Pond's Pure White Anti Pollution with Activated Charcoal Face Wash. The company claims that this facewash removes dust and dirt from the face deeply due to the activated carbon formula present in it. It can remove impurities of the skin with tenderness. Merits
* It can help in removing dead skin cells.
* It can be effective in removing dirt, excessive oil and even makeup from your skin.
* It can help to detoxify and hydrate your skin.
* It can improve your skin tone.
* It can help in reducing skin spots.
* Its fragrance is adorable.
* It is also in the budget.
* Skin dry or skin tightness may occur after applying.
* You will feel to apply moisturizer after using it.

#3. Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash:

If you are talking about the best face wash, then Johnson's clean and clear foaming face wash is also included in this face wash list. Johnson & Johnson is very well-known children products brand and now this brand has also started making cosmetic products for adults from clean and clear. The company says that this facewash is designed to remove excessive oil from the skin and also it deeply cleanse the skin. While using this face wash skin will feel fresh and can be used every day. Merits:-
* This is suitable for both men and women.
* It is suitable for all types of skin.
* It can remove dirt with tenderness without making the skin dry.
* It works mildly on sensitive skin.
* It does not contain alcohol in it.
* It can protect against pimples and blackheads.
* It contains paraben.

#4. Mamaearth Ubtan Natural Face Wash:

Just as the name itself has an ubutan in it, so this facewash has been manufactured accordingly that only. This facewash is made from natural ingredients such as liquorice, turmeric and saffron. This face wash can not only help in removing the dirt from the skin but can also help in reducing the caret seed oil tan present in it and it can improving the lost skin tone. It can work on the skin just like its name. Merits:-
* It is suitable for all skin types.
* It may improve damage skin from the sun's harmful rays.
* It contains nut extracts, which can help in removing dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin.
* It can improve skin tone.
* Hypoallergenic.
* Facewash does not contain chemical.
* Tested by a dermatologist.
* Skin may be slightly dry.
* Moisturizer may needed to apply after using it.
* Costly compared to other facewash.

#5. Lakme Blush & Glow Gel Face Wash:

Lakme is also included in this Best Facewash list. Lakme salon experts have designed Lakme Blush and Glow Gel Face Wash. The company claims that this facewash containing strawberries it it and has the antioxidant properties of the fruit, which can cleanse the skin by removing dirt and impurities. Merits:-
* Affects soft skin on sensitive skin.
* Has the property of moisturizing and nourishing the skin.
* Fragrant scent of fruits.
* Can control excessive skin oil.
* It does not contain paraben.
* Available in small packs.
* Does not have exfoliating properties.
* Non-organic formula.
* Costly compared to other facewash.

#6. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Face Wash:

This facewash from Lotus is rich in green tea and barberry. Where green tea can help to flush out toxins from your skin and reduces minor scars and blemishes. At the same time, Burberry can act as a natural cleanser for the skin and can be helpful in removing dirt, frozen scum and pollutants present on the skin. It contains vitamin-C, which helps to protect the skin and reduce the effects of aging. Merits:-
* Suitable for all types of skin.
* May work mildly on sensitive skin.
* No harmful chemicals present in it.
* Does not make your skin dry.
* Can bring glow to the skin.
* May improve skin elasticity.
* May be helpful in reducing dark circles.
* May lighten skin tone.
* Failed to control oil.
* Soap is not free.
* It is thin, so it can flow while removing, which can ruin a lot of facewash.

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