No Multivitamins, You Just Need Vegetarian Foods To Stay Healthy

In this busy lifestyle we have forgotten to eat healthy we all are dependent on the multivitamins to be healthy. Do you want to eat healthy and give your body multivitamin benefits without eating tablets? So we are here to tell you about some vegetarian food sources!

We all know that in a busy schedule how hard it is to take care of our health even if we want to do. Most of the people are not able to provide their body with daily natural nutrients, so they take the help of multivitamin supplements which are multivitamins tablets. However, somewhere we all know, nothing can beat the advantages of fresh fruits and veggies can provide.

While we all know that all the non-vegetarians mostly complete their daily dose of protein and calcium with eating meat, fish and eggs, while it may be little confusing for vegetarians to choose from the large variety of options. If you are also thinking and pressuring your mind about what to eat to get the benefits of a multivitamins supplement, so we are here to help you. You do not have to worry just go through this article, this may help you.

Nuts & Seeds For Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is the important nutrient in our daily diet because it protects our cells from getting damaged. When you will be strong at the primary level, most of the body function will remain proper and it will help you to stay fit and fine. There are various types of foods that are packed with vitamin E. The great choice among them all is the nuts.

Lentils For Iron:

From moong dal to urad and arhar dal, there are various types of lentils are available in India. Any one of the lentils should be consumed regularly so that the requirement of iron in the body should be fulfilled. Most of the women in India are anaemic, which means they don’t have enough red blood cells present in their bodies. This can disrupt many body functions and it will help you to feel healthy and energetic. So if you want to be healthy you should eat daily any kind of daal.

Yoghurt For Calcium:

Almost we all love milk and its products. Whether it should be rice pudding or yoghurt, there is hardly any house in the country where milk products are not consumed. The consumption of milk habit is healthy as it keeps the bones strong because milk is very good option for bones. Milk helps bone-building calcium, we all must have at least one or a half cup of yoghurt regularly. Not only bones, but it also makes our teeth strong, will regulate the blood clotting, and will boost our muscle function.

Sweet Potatoes For Vitamin A:

We hardly talk about the important of this nutrienr, but it is a necessary to live a healthy life. From boosting the immune system to helping the heart (foods for a healthy heart), lungs, kidneys, and other organs to work properly, vitamin A plays many roles. While vitamin A is mostly found in non-vegetarian food items, we can also have sweet potatoes to fulfil vitamin A needs in daily requirement in our body.

Broccoli For Vitamin C:

If you are not into citrussy food items, it does not mean that you can complete your daily vitamin C requirement in the body. Other than lemon and oranges, broccoli are known to be a rich source of vitamin C. It helps our body to stay active and energetic, it keeps your hair and skin also healthy. But most important thing is that, vitamin C is the best nutrient to shed extra pounds.

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