Symptoms Of Covid-19

The second wave of Corona is very dangerous and it is life-threatening for India. According to the data Corona has recorded the highest number of deaths in India. The corona cases are increasing day by day, and the healthcare system of India seems to be very weak. Last year too, the corona spread very fast, but this time the situation seems to be uncontrollable. Covid's mutants and many other aggressive strains are quite disturbing. Many experts say that the virus is becoming stronger day by day and contagious than the last year strain, due to which the corona cases are increasing considerably. Some people had experienced many other symptoms in this case. According to the experts the symptoms of Corona's new strain are as follows

The Most Common Symptoms are:

#1: Fever.

#2: Dry cough.

#3: Tiredness.

Less Common Symptoms:

#1: Aches and Pains.

#2: Sore Throat.

#3: Diarrhoea.

#4: Conjunctivitis.

#5: Headache.

#6: Loss of Taste or Smell.

#7: A Rash on Skin, or Discolouration of Fingers or Toes.

Serious Symptoms:

#1: Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.

#2: Chest pain or pressure.

#3: Loss of speech or movement.

Symptoms of Corona are Quite Asymptomatic:

Now the symptoms of corona are becoming more asymptomatic than before. Symptoms of corona include sore throat and pricking. These symptoms have been observed in more than 52% of cases of COVID-19 infection. In many such cases, the patient also experienced a burning sensation in the throat while eating and drinking water.

In many cases of COVID-19 cases, the patient is experiencing too much of fatigue. However, during all viral infections, the patient experiences fatigue. But Covid's patient is getting very much tiredness.

Symptoms like muscle pain, joint pain, wild body pain are coming out in corona patients. Migraine is the main cause of muscle pain and body aches, which is due to the virus attacking vital muscle fibers and tissue linings. During infection, inflammation can occur throughout the body ranging from joint pain, weakness and body pain.

Corona patients are also showing symptoms like sudden cold or shivering. In fact, mild fever along with mild cold in the early days of infection is also a symptom of corona. Apart from this, nausea and vomiting are also its initial symptoms.

Diarrhea or loose motion are also a sign of corona infection. Apart from this, dizziness and in some cases deafness, muscle pain, skin infection, or poor eyesight is also a symptom of a new strain of corona nowadays. This time corona is changing its symptoms which is very much harmful so it is very much necessary that we all should take extra precautions for ourselves.

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