Effect of Coronavirus 3rd Wave

The second wave of Corona virus in India has caused outrage, no we cannot say only in India But all over the world. It is now being said that the third wave of corona infection has spread in many countries and now in India it will be very dangerous for the children. So it is very important that we should pay special attention to the safety of adults as well as children also. The World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined some ways in which children can be protected from this corona infection.

6 Year Children Should Wear Mask:

The World Health Organization and UNICEF says that wearing masks to the children between 6 to 11 years of age depends on the infection in the area where they live. Also, remember not to apply masks to children younger than two years. Parents should tell about the social distancing to children. During this condition children should get into the habit of washing hands frequently for their safety.


If you see rash, be cautious

* If the child has fever for more than 1-2 days.

* If the child has rashes on his body and feet.

* If you see colour changes on the face such as blue color of the child.

* If the child has vomiting and diarrhea problem then be alert.

* If the baby's arms and legs start swelling.

* If you see any of the things in your child then immediately take caution do not ignore during this pandemic.

Strengthen Children By Adopting These Methods:

1. To make lungs strong, give children to inflate balloons.

2. Give children lukewarm water daily to drink, this will reduce the risk of infection.

3. If the child is little bit older then help him / her doing breathing exercises.

4. To increase the immunity of children, give them to eat citrus fruits.

5. To protect children from bacterial infections and viral infections, give turmeric milk which is very much helathy.

6. Explain to the children about this disease and caution, do not be afraid.

Keep Distance From Mobile and Stress:

Stress does not occur only in adults but young children may also feel the same stress. Keep in mind that stress affects the immune system of the body. Keep an eye on what your children are watching on mobile-TV in this pandemic period. Children should be taught techniques of meditation, exercise and breathing control.

Newborn safety:

Newborns should be prevented from coming into contact with more people. Pay Attention That less people should take the child in hand during this period, because it will be better for the child. It is very important for the mother also to wash her hands frequently. While feeding the newborn baby, mother should also wear a mask so that she can be protected from infection. Mother should take proper protection For their child.

If You Have A Mild Infection:

Symptoms: A sore throat but no breathing problems, digestive problems.

Treatment: The child can be treated by isolating at home, if the child already has other medical problems before , then take immediate medical help.

Moderate Type Of Infection:

Symptoms: Symptoms of mild pneumonia, Oxygen level 90% or below.

Treatment: Get the child admitted to Covid Hospital, the amount of fluid and electrolyte in the body is balanced.

Serious Infection:

Symptoms: Severe pneumonia, oxygen level drop below 90%, fatigue, excess sleeping issues.

Treatment: It is necessary to check for lung-kidney infection, chest X-ray, Be admitted to Covid Hospital where Arrangements should be made for treatment of organ disfunction. The use of steroids such as Remdesivir in treatment is under medical supervision.

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