Foods To Avoid During COVID

Coronavirus affects the entire immune system of our body. This virus reduces weight while simultaneously weakens the body from inside. If you have also been infected with Corona, then you need to pay attention to your diet along with medicines. Let us know what nutritionists are advising to eat after getting infected and in recovery time and what things are they telling to avoid.

What to Eat at The Time of Recovery

Health experts says that during the recovery period, your food should be light but should be full of nutritions. Food should be such that it contains vitamin C, D, minerals and zinc. This will speed up your recovery from this virus.

The best option for corona patients is nutritious khichdi. khichdi is rich in protein. Khichdi is easily digested with green vegetables and it gives energy from inside. This helps the body to recover quickly. Also include lentils water (Daal ka pani) and whole grains food item in your diet. Keep in mind that whatever you eat at this time, eat it hot. Do not eat cold things at all.

Avoid These Things:-

While you must eat some things during recovery, but there is some things also you need to avoid. Some food items make the immune system weak, which will take a long time to recover. Let's know about them.

Packaged Food:-

Packaged food is the easiest option to satisfy hunger but in dealing with corona, this food can be heavy on you. Packaged food contains a lot of sodium and preservatives. Because of this, the body becomes swollen and while recovery it takes a long time. These foods also weaken the immune system.

Spicy food:-

At the time of recovery from Corona, the food should be eaten very plain. Do not eat spicy food at this time at all. This type of food can make your throat worse. Apart from this, spicy food also increases cough in your throat. Use black pepper instead of red chilli powder. Black pepper has anti-bacterial properties in it that will give benefit to the body.

Fried Food:-

Most of the infected people with Corona stop to feel the taste and aroma. At the time of recovery, the taste of food starts slowly, in such a situation, many people may feel like eating something spicy or fried items. According to health experts, at this time you need to control your tong a lot.

Fry food is very high in fat and people often eat more because of taste. Fried food take time to digest and due to this the digestive system has a burden on it. It has been confirmed in the study that the immune function does not work properly by eating the fried foods. It also increases bad cholesterol in body. So if you are in the process of recovering from corona, then make a distance from this type of food.

Sweet Drinks:-

You should avoid drinking sweet drinks and soda after getting infected and during the time of recovery. Such drinks cause swelling in the stomach, which takes time to recover. Instead you drink maximum lemonade. Lemonade keeps the stomach clean and increases the immunity power, which helps in recovery.

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