Keratin Treatment Cream Preparation At Home

Hey guys as per the promise in the last article we have brought a preparation of keratin treatment cream for your hair. So in the last article I have told you about the keratin treatment so now in this article I am straight away going to discuss about the cream one I am not going to waste your and my time in telling again about keratin treatment So Lets Start.

Keratin Treatment At Home:

This Cream contains only the natural products which are easily available at home. There is no chemical products used in it so it will not harm your hair and you can easily use it without any tension.


Boiled White Rice

Coconut Milk

Coconut Oil,Olive Oil or Castor Oil (Any one)


For this keratin treatment cream you have to take coconut milk. Now the problem is to arrange the coconut milk. Either you can buy it from the market or if you want, you can use the home made coconut milk. Do not take tension it is very easy to make coconut milk at home. You can bring normal coconut or the grated coconut which are available in market and if you are using normal coconut then you can cut it into pieces or grate it then put that grated coconut into the mixture grinder and add double quantity of water in it. Coconut can be of 3-4 spoon or it will depend totally on the quantity on the rice for example 3 spoon of rice then 3 spoon of coconut. Now grind the coconut in the mixer and now filter that from the filter and drain all the water from that mixture.

Now take the plain white boiled rice then you have to grind it in the mixture till it came into the cream texture. The amount of rice could be about 3-4 spoon or it will totally depend on you hair length. And now mix the coconut milk which we have prepared or taken from the market. Grind it properly it should be properly in a plain paste texture no lumps should be formed in it. Give it a creamy and uniform texture.

Now we will add another ingredient in it which is oil. Here we will not suggest you to take any kind of oil but we can say you can take coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil. My First priority is olive oil. Add 2 spoon of oil in it or if you hair is more rough then put 3 spoon of oil.

Mix all the 3 items properly it will come in a cream texture. Now your Keratin Treatment Cream is ready.

Application Process:

Firstly You Should Clean Your Hair or you can say before applying this do shampoo. Apply this cream on a dry hair. You can apply this cream on your hair straints or you can apply from the roots to the tip of the hair, apply properly all around the hair. Apply this mixture 30-40 minutes. Do not fold your hair try it that it should be open all over the process. Wash hair with the water and mild shampoo do not use chemical based shampoo.

Now the next point is how many times it should be repeated. You can apply it on 1 to 2 times in a month. Or if your hairs are more dry then you can do it 3 times a month.

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