Corona: For Whom The Mask Is Necessary, What Precautions Should Be Taken?

Many ways are being adopted by people to avoid the effects of coronavirus. Mean while, the Union Health Ministry has given answers to some questions related to the wearing of masks and has also told who should wear masks.

Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in the country and government and everyone is appealing to people to take precautions against corona. It is being asked to avoid going to the crowded area, people are being asked not to shake hands with anyone. Meanwhile, there is an apprehension among the people that is it necessary to wear a mask to avoid the virus? Should everyone wear masks? Now to remove these doubts, information has been shared by the Ministry of Health itself and it has been told who should wear masks and when.

When should we wear masks?:

Not everyone is required to wear a mask, wear a mask only..

#1: When you have some infection (cough, fever or difficulty in breathing).

#2: You are taking care of a patient suffering from or suspected of corona virus. (Nurse or family member).

#3: You are in some place where there is a person suffering from Coronavirus.

* But due to the current situation every state government has made compulsory to wear mask.

What To Keep In Mind While Wearing A Mask?:

#1: Unfold the mask, make sure that the two parts are separated from each other.

#2: Wear the mask in such a way that your mouth, nose are properly covered. Make sure there is no gap between the masks.

#3: Do not touch the mask during use.

#4: Do not hang the mask on your neck.

#5: If the mask becomes wet, change it within 6 hours.

#6: Do not use used masks. Always put the used masks in a closed dustbin.

#7: Do not touch any contaminated parts of the body while removing the mask such as eyes nose mouth etc.

#8: After removing the mask, wash your hands with soap and water at least 20 sec, or clean the hands with an alcoholic sanitizer.

These are the facts but due to the current scenario everyone should wear mask at least when they are out from the home because this time situation has became very dangerous and many health experts are advising to wear only N-95 Mask or wear double mask to protect yourself. So Guys Please take care of yourself and your family and do not do any mistake in taking precaution against corona. Whenever you are going out please be attentive not to touch any surface area or not to come in close contact with anyone.

Tankyou for reading this article till the end but everyone safety is very much necessary so please everyone take care of themselves.

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