WHO's Food Guide

Coronavirus has returned once again and this virus has increased everyone's problems. The new form of corona is very contagious and the slightest negligence is like inviting this epidemic. Along with frequent hand washing, masking and social distancing, you also need to pay a lot of attention to take care of your fooding, because a good diet will only strengthen the immune system and protect you from this virus. The WHO has declared that what type of diet is necessary to keep protect ourselves far from this coronavirus.

How should Be The Diet To Avoid Corona:

In order to avoid corona, the diet should include a variety of fresh fruits and unprocessed foods in your diet, so that you can get the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and antioxidants which will boost the immunity system.

Do Not Overcook Vegetables And Eat:

At least eat 2 cups of fruits (4 servings), 2.5 cups of vegetables (5 servings), 180 grams of cereals and 160 grams of meats and beans every day. You can eat red meat 1-2 times a week and chicken 2-3 times. In the evening, eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits if you feel light-headed. Do not over cook vegetables and eat them. Otherwise its essential nutrients will be exhausted. If you buy canned fruits or vegetables, make sure that they do not contain much salt and sugar.

Keep These Things In Mind For A Healthy Diet:

#1 Avoid Eating Too Much Salt:-

According to WHO, a person should not consume more than 5 grams of salt in 1 day. Due to lockdown, people are buying mostly frozen items in which salt is in high rate, so keep this in mind when buying goods that avoid buying frozen foods believe in fresh foods only.

#2 Eat Less Sweet:-

WHO has said that a person should not eat more than 6 teaspoon of sugar in 1 day. If you are fond of eating sweet, you can eat sweet but not too much prefer eating fresh fruits or dry fruits instead of sweets or sugar.

#3 Stay Away From Fat Things:-

A person should eat only 30% of fat food items in a day, out of which only 10% should be saturated fat. Eating more fat food items which will be harmful to your health.

#4 Include More Fiber In Your Diet:-

Fiber is most important for healthy digestive system, if you eat sufficient amount of fiber like fruits, dal, vegetables and whole grain food items then it prevents from over eating. Fiber diet does not lead to frequent hunger and you will not feel hungry most of the time.

#5 Keep The Body Hydrated, Drink Water:-

To avoid any kind of disease, the most important is sufficient quantity of water in the body. Therefore, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day in your life. Avoid drinking cold water, if you want then you can also add cucumber, frozen fruits, lime and mint in water.

#6 Frozen Fruit:-

All types of fruits can be eaten like frozen fruits, berries, pineapples and mangoes. Because the amount of fiber and vitamin in it is very high, it is better if the fruit is fresh.

#7 Lentils And Beans:-

Things like chickpeas and lentils are a good source of protein, fiber vitamins and minerals. You must include them in the diet, you can also eat them like soup and salad.

#8 All Kinds Of Grains:-

All types of grains are considered the best sources of fiber, so include things like multigrain flour, whole grain pasta, oats, quinoa in your diet. Avoid refined things.

#9 Eggs:-

Egg's is the best source of protein and nutrients. Include it in your diet. While eating eggs, keep in mind that do not fry eggs and also it is easier and healthy to eat boil egg.

*Follow These Five Food Tips While Cooking

Clean your hands, utensils and kitchen as well, use only clean water for cooking. Keep raw meats away from cooked ingredients or everything else. Cook food properly it should not be uncooked. Keep the food in safe temperature, that is, less than 5 degrees, more than 7 degrees

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