Anti Aging Face Mask

Every woman's dream is to look young and beautiful as always, and she also works very hard to fulfill this dreams. What kind of efforts the women’s not give, from going to the parlor to using different types of beauty products, or the any kind of home made remedies told by anyone, what do they not do, whether she does not know what to do. But if we ask if you have ever tried a homemade face pack, then perhaps the answer will be no. But if you also want to look young and beautiful for a long time, then definitely try this homely tip given by us. This will make your skin look younger without stains and wrinkles.

This face mask can be beneficial for you, if you are afraid of the fine lines or wrinkles on your face and losing the glow of your face then you can try this. After trying this remedy continuously for 2 weeks, you will start feeling the difference in yourself. Even if your skin is sensitive, you have nothing to worry because this face mask is completely safe for all the skin types and will not harm you at all, but then also I will suggest you that before applying it on your face first do the patch test then only apply it on the face. So now let comes to the main point that which face mask is helpful in looking younger than 10 years of your age?

Now lets start about what we are talking about the anti ageing face mask.


. Coffee 1 table spoon

. Fenugreek powder (fine) 1 tablespoon

. Rose water (For making fine paste)


Take 1 table spoon of coffee and 1 table spoon of fenugreek seeds powder (Methi Dana Powder) and now add rose water in it for making a paste do not add water it only use rose water for preparing a mixture. Now mix it well and leave this mixture for 10 minutes. Now apply the paste on your face properly every where specially on the forehead and on your under eyes. That docen’t mean that you will pay attention on forehead and on under eyes you should apply evenly of the face. Now sit and take rest for 10 minutes and after 10 minutes wash your face properly from Luke warm water or you can wash it with the normal water it depends on your choice. Do this step atlest twice a week or thrice a week and after 2 weeks you will find the result on your face.

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