For Better Health, Drink Cinnamon Instead Of Coffee In Morning

Some people drink tea and some coffee to wake up in the morning to feel energized and fresh. But tea and coffee are really better for your health? No its not healthy for you instead of tea-coffee you should take cinnamon drink. It will not only makes you energetic, but also improves the digestive system. So here is recipe of making a healthy drink of cinnamon along with its benefits. Ojas milk or almond milk is added to this, which maintains hormone balance and provides plenty of iron to the body. So let's know the easy recipe of cinnamon drink.

Healthy Drink Ingredients

* 1 Teaspoon of turmeric

* 2-3 Ground cardamom

* Half tsp dry ginger paste

* 2 Chuares

* Half tsp cinnamon powder

* 1 Glass ojas milk / almond milk

Cinnamon and Turmeric Drink Recipe

To make a healthy and tasty drink, put all the above-mentioned ingredients in a vessel and keep that milk on the gas and let it heat up for some time. Till the milk is hot enough, you keep stirring it well so that there are no lumps in the drink. After heating for about 2 minutes, drink the cinnamon drink without straining and drink it in a mug hot itself. If you want, you can add sugar as per your wish or instead of sugar you can take honey. This tasty drink will keep the hormone balance along with giving you energy.

Hormones Becomes Better From Cinnamon Drink

Cinnamon contains a chemical called cinnamaldehyde, which balances hormones and helps in the development of the body. Cinnamon drink can improve the insulin level of your body, which reduces the problem of delay or absence of periods. Women who have more pain during periods, they should consume cinnamon drink. If you want, you can definitely consume this drink containing cinnamon and turmeric twice a week.

Removes Iron Deficiency

Many women are deficient in iron and bones begin to weaken. So to increase the amount of iron in the body, you must drink this drink of cinnamon and turmeric. This keeps the body healthy and gets plenty of iron. Not only this, such properties are found in cinnamon, which control the sugar level and increase insulin. Apart from this, nutritions are found  in turmeric to increase iron, which should be consumed by every person. So instead of drinking coffee every day, you can definitely drink this healthy drink full of flavor.

Reduces Weight

If you are not able to go to the gym daily and can not find time for weight loss, then this cinnamon drink can be of great benefit to you. Cinnamon has anti-microbia properties, which prove to be effective for weight loss. By drinking this cinnamon and turmeric drink regularly, you can lose weight fast and get fit. Cinnamon is consumed not only to control weight but also to control cholesterol level and blood pressure. So after knowing how many benefits of this healthy and tasty drink, you must try it.

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