Interesting Facts About Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, we think of beautification. But that's not the only reason to have plastic surgery. This is done to ensure a happy and healthy life for the patient along with treating other problems. Every year the number of plastic surgery is increasing day by day with the trends of the people. Plastic surgery does not involve the use of plastic during the procedure. The name is actually derived from the Greek word 'plastikos' which means flexible or moldable. Silicone, Gore-Tex and Medpore are common materials used as implants during plastic surgery. In some cases, grafts (eg ear cartilage) are used in place of the implant. Many such interesting facts related to surgery, which will be surprising to know

10 Interesting Facts About Cosmetic Surgery -

1- There are no long term side effects of plastic surgery. It is a method that treats your problem and does not create any new problem or aggravate the existing problem.

2- Plastic surgery is a common treatment procedure whose number is increasing day by day in India. About 9 lakh plastic surgeries are performed every year in India. It ranks 5th in terms of number of surgeries performed.

3- Plastic surgery is not just cosmetic surgery. It is performed to treat many health complications such as trauma plastic surgery, cancer plastic surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, microsurgery all are different branches of plastic surgery. In addition, all surgeries on the hands and nerves are performed by plastic surgeons.

4- Plastic surgery is an important healing procedure when it comes to treating burn injuries. Plastic surgeons specialize in treating fresh or chronic burn injuries.

5- Plastic surgery is not done to replace you; This is done to make you the best version of yourself. Many people suffer from deformities of the face or body. Plastic surgery is a boon for them to get rid of problems.

6- It is a common misconception that silicone implants cause breast cancer. This is not the case. There is no proven link between breast cancer and plastic surgery.

7- Reducing or raising the breast does not inhibit breastfeeding. With the existing techniques of breast reduction, a person can breastfeed normally. The connection between the nipple and the gland is preserved.

8- Plastic surgery is not scar-free. Plastic surgeons make incisions in such a way that the scars are in hidden areas of the body, unrecognizable to everyone. Along with this, they also do very fine closure, due to which the marks are very thin. In some cases, the scars disappear over time.

9- There is a common belief that only women get plastic surgery, this is not true. Today men are also getting plastic surgery.

10- Plastic surgery does not involve the use of plastic during the procedure. The materials used during surgery include silicone, Gore-Tex and Medpore, with silicone in most cases. In some cases, grafts are also used which are taken from the patient's body.

With the development of medical technology, plastic surgery has become an easy procedure to perform. You can without a doubt go for it if needed. For clarity, you should ask your surgeon questions before going for the surgery to the doctor.

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