Why Sunscreen Should Be Your Summertime Best Friend

The summer season brings joy with ice cream, sundresses and enjoyment of beaches. While these all sound fascinating, but the blazing sun rays have the potential to seriously damage your skin. Harmful UV rays can cause sunburn and even lead to skin cancer. The UV rays coming from the Sun are broadly divided into two parts: UVA (long waves) and UVB (short waves). While UVA can age us, UVB can burn our skin.
There are many tricks like hiding in the shade to protect your skin from damage but at the top of the list is a healthy SPF routine. Sunscreens with SPF protection helps to reduce damage to the skin, although it cannot be completely avoided.

Reasons to include sunscreen in your routine

Here are some reasons why you should use a sunscreen routine into your lifestyle:

Prevents Skin Cancer

The 3 most common skin cancers are basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancer and melanoma. Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays is the major cause of these cancers. Daily use of SPF, regardless of the season, can protect the skin from harmful rays that cause cancer.

Prevents Sunburn And Inflammation

The most common use of SPF is to prevent painful, red sunburns. Exposure to direct sunlight can lead to skin inflammation and painful blisters due to skin irritation.

Reduces The Risk Of Hyperpigmentation

Skin color is determined by the presence of melanin. In hyperpigmentation, dark spots appear on the skin due to abnormality in the production of melanin. This is often caused by exposure to the sun and SPF helps to even out the skin tone. Applying sunscreen periodically throughout the day can reduce the chances of hyperpigmentation.

Prevents Signs Of Ageing

Premature ageing can be caused by two reasons: internal ageing due to genetic inheritance and external ageing due to chronic exposure to sun radiation, pollution and harmful chemicals present in the environment and the products we use daily. Ageing due to sun damage leads to sunspots, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. To avoid these signs of ageing, sunscreen should be used continuously.

Prevents Heat Exhaustion

Along with protecting the skin from burns, sunscreens also protect you from heat exhaustion. Nausea, headache and muscle cramps are some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Applying sunscreen with SPF along with drinking plenty of water can help in preventing heat exhaustion.

Depletion Of Ozone Layer

The Earth's atmosphere is protected by a layer of ozone that is gradually depleting due to the widespread release of CFCs into the air. The ozone layer blocks harmful UV rays coming from the sun from entering the Earth's atmosphere, but since its depletion, the UV exposure to our skin is increasing. Applying sunscreen has become important now.

Protects All Skin Types And Tones

Sun rays can affect people of any age group and any skin type or tone. Studies have shown that people with darker skin are just as susceptible to skin damage as people with lighter skin.

Essential During Beach Holidays

Summers attract people to spend time near the sea and enjoy splashing water on each other. Along with fun, skincare should also be given priority. Before going outside, you should apply sunscreen all over your body to avoid any serious heat damage. The ends of the hair are just as prone to harmful UV rays as the skin. To avoid damaging your hair scalps, there are a variety of SPF-inspired hair serums.

Setting An Example For Children

Children learn from their parents. Getting into the habit of healthy skin care early can prevent sun damage as they grow up. These are some of the reasons for regular use of sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied throughout the year and not especially during the summer as about 80% of the sun's rays can travel through the clouds and affect the skin. There are also a variety of sunscreens available depending on the skin tone and needs that best suit you.

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