3 Habits Can Do A Lot Of Damage To Your Skin

Our skin gets irritated every day due to many things. Talking about skin care, we always rely on some cream or any other skin care product and think that just this thing can prove to be a boon for us. How many times has it happened that you came across an advertisement and then thought of using that skin care product?

We do many such things with our skin every day, which cause more damage to our skin. It is not only affected by pollution, skin care products, aging and poor diet, but at the same time some of our habits also damage it more.

A dermatologist told about three such habits on her Instagram account, due to which the skin gets damaged a lot and the signs of age appear on the skin early. So let's know what are those three habits-

1. Touching Face Repeatedly- Some people have a habit that they put their hands on their face every once in a while or whenever there is a pimple or rashes on their face, they do not give up their habit of bursting them or itching around it. Even if you are putting your hand on your face for whatever reason, it is not right. Your face is very sensitive and repeatedly touching it can damage skin. There are many types of germs in your hands and due to this there can be problems of acne etc on your facial skin. It is very important for skin care that you wash your face twice a day and at the same time avoid touching it again and again.

Touching Face Repeatedly

2. Rubbing Eyes Frequently- Have you ever noticed that why wrinkles start appearing around your eyes and lips? The more often our eyes are rubbed, the more wrinkles keep growing. The skin around the eyes and lips is very sensitive and the more you rub it, the more skin damage it will cause and the risk of microtears increases. This habit sometimes also becomes the cause of infection when germs from your hands come in the eyes or on the lips.

Rubbing Eyes Frequently

3. Licking The Lips With The Tongue- Along with rubbing the eyes, licking the lips with the tongue and biting them can also turn into a habit. It should always be kept in mind that the skin of your lips definitely has many layers, but it is much thinner. Because of this, when you repeatedly lick them with your tongue or when you remove their crust, they start drying more. In such a situation, there can be a problem ranging from darkening of the lips to infection and dryness of the lips.

Licking The Lips With The Tongue

These three habits can be caught very quickly by people and these habits can damage your skin easily. If you also have these habits then leave them. If you want, you can talk to your doctor about your skin condition. 

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