Sex During Period

During your reproductive years, you will menstruate about once a month. Unless you are particularly irritable, there is no need to avoid sexual activity during your period. Although period sex can be a bit messy, it is safe. And, having sex during menstruation may actually provide some benefits, including relief from menstrual cramps.

What are the benefits?

Some of the benefits of having sex during period are:

1. Relief From Cramps

Orgasms can relieve menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps are the result of your uterus contracting to release its own lining. When you orgasm, the muscles in your uterus also contract. then leave. That release should provide some relief from period cramps.

Sex also triggers the release of chemicals called endorphins, which make you feel good. Plus, engaging in sexual activity keeps your mind occupied, which can help relieve your menstrual discomfort.

2. Shorter Periods

Having sex can shorten your periods. During an orgasm, muscle contractions push the contents of the uterus out rapidly. This may result in a shorter duration.

3. Increased Sex Drive

Your libido changes during your period due to hormonal fluctuations. While many women say that their sex drive increases during ovulation, which occurs about two weeks before your period, others report feeling more active during their period.

4. Natural lubrication

You can overcome KY during your period. Blood acts as a natural lubricant.

5. It Might Relieve Your Headache

About half of women with migraine headaches have pain during their periods. Although most women with menstrual migraines avoid sex during their attacks, many who do have sex say it provides partial or complete relief.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

One of the biggest disadvantages of having sex during your periods is disturbances. Blood can spill onto you, your partner, and sheets, especially if you have a heavy flow. In addition to making the bed dirty, bleeding can make you feel self-conscious. Anxiety about messing up can take some or all of the fun out of sex.

Another concern about having sex during your period is the risk of passing on a sexually transmitted infection (STI) such as HIV or hepatitis. These viruses live in the blood and can be spread through contact with infected menstrual blood. Using a condom every time you have sex can reduce your risk of spreading or catching an STI.

If you plan to have sex during your period and you're wearing a tampon, you'll need to remove it beforehand. A forgotten tampon can be pushed so high into your vagina during sex that you'll need to see a doctor to have it removed.

Can You Get Pregnant?

If you are not actively trying to conceive, it is a good idea to use protection, no matter what part of your menstrual cycle you are in. Your chances of conceiving during your period are low, but it is still possible to get pregnant during this time.

You are most likely to get pregnant during your ovulation, which occurs about 14 days before your period starts. Yet every woman's cycle length is different, and the length of your cycle can change from month to month. If you have short periods, your risk of getting pregnant during your period is higher.

Also consider that sperm can live in your body for up to seven days. Therefore, if you have a 22-day cycle and you ovulate shortly after getting your period, there is a chance that you will release an egg while the sperm is still in your reproductive tract.

Do You Need To Use Protection?

Using protection will also keep you safe from STIs. Not only can you catch an STI during your period, but you can also easily transmit it to your partner because viruses like HIV live in menstrual blood.

Ask your partner to wear a latex condom every time you have sex to reduce your chances of getting pregnant and getting an STI. If you or your partner is allergic to latex, you can use other types of protection. You can ask your pharmacist or doctor for recommendations.

Tips On Having Sex During Period

Here are some tips to make period sex a more comfortable and less messy experience:

Be open and honest with your partner- Tell them how you feel about having sex during your period, and ask how they feel about it. If either of you is hesitant, talk about the reasons behind the discomfort.

If you have a tampon in, remove it before you start fooling around.

Spread a dark-colored towel on the bed to catch any blood leaks. Or, have sex in the shower or bath to avoid the mess entirely.

Keep a wet washcloth or wet wipes by the bed to clean up afterward.

Have your partner wear a latex condom. It will protect against pregnancy and STIs.

If your usual sexual position is uncomfortable, try something different. For example, you may want to try lying on your side with your partner behind you.


Don't let your periods interfere with your sex life. If you do a little prep work, sex during those five or so days can be just as enjoyable as the rest of the month. You may be surprised to learn that sex during your period is even more exciting.

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