Home Remedies To Cure Fever in Kids

Young children are prone to suffer from many diseases due to weak and underdeveloped immune system. One of the most common diseases in children is fever. As a parent, it is natural for you to worry about a child's fever, but it is important that you stay calm and understand the cause of the illness before finding the best home remedies for fever in children.

Few people know that fever in children is sometimes the body's natural defense mechanism to fight off infections. Most parents worry about how high the temperature is and try to do everything to bring it down. However, a high body temperature is not always the best indicator of whether a fever is a cause for concern. You need to observe your baby's activity, their food intake and urination patterns; If the baby is feeling comfortable, active, and eating well, you need not panic. However, if the child is feeling low, and the fever persists for two or more days, you can try the following home remedies for fever in children to bring down the temperature.

Ginger Bath

A common kitchen ingredient – Ginger is known for its ability to kill bacteria which causes fever in children. The heat content of ginger causes sweating, which helps to eliminate body heat and toxins. Give a refreshing bath to a sick child by adding about two tablespoons of ginger powder and a few pieces of raw ginger in a bucket of warm water. If you are worried about how to reduce fever in baby naturally, then the ginger bath will work for you.

Caution: Be sure that eyes should be covered during the bath as contact with ginger water may cause irritation in childs eyes.

Mustard Oil And Garlic

Most of the Northern parts of India, people use mustard oil and garlic in their daily cooking process. However, not many people know the magical powers of these ingredients. Mustard oil and garlic both are effective in reducing fever. Mix one teaspoon of garlic paste in two tablespoons of mustard oil and leave the mixture to cool it. Apply the mixture on baby's feet, palm, chest and back before sleeping and massage the areas gently. The combination causes sweating, which not only helps flush out toxin and reduce fever but also helps to reduce body aches.


The antibacterial properties of raisins effectively fight from the infections and help to reduce fever in children. Soak about 25 grains of raisins in half cup of water for an hour and when they become soft, grind them to make a paste. Feed this mixture to the baby twice a day, and you will soon see a noticeable difference in body temperature. If you are looking for home remedies to reduce fever, then this remedy will definitely work.

Lemon And Honey

Lemon and honey are known for their medicinal properties; vitamin C content of lemon helps in improving immunity and honey provides nourishment. The combination of ingredients is highly effective in reducing fever. Mix one spoon of honey and equal amount of lemon juice and give it to the child and watch the fever subside.

Rub An Onion

One of the most traditional home remedies used for the treatment of the fever in children, onions are effective in reducing fever as well as relieving body aches. Cut two or three thick pieces of onion and rub it on the baby's feet for a few minutes before sleeping. Repeat this process twice a day and the fever will go on its own.

If you have tried natural remedies but there is no result then, it is recommended that you should book an appointment to the child specialist doctor so that you can get personalized consultation and best prescriptions. So that the baby should get the proper treatment.

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